Day three: Snowmageddon

Day one – snow – about 5 inches.  Not so bad, everything in pretty good shape.  Day Two – supposed to be going away.   Ooopppss….a little freezing rain first.  A little more….supposed to be done by noon.  Not so much.  Whoops – freezing rain turned over to snow and just kept snowing.  So a ¼” of ice on everything followed up by another inch or so of snow.  Fun.  This time I need to go out to the greenhouse and whack the ice on top with a broom to get it to crack.  Once it cracked it slid off.  But I was whacking pretty hard.  After that we had to whack at 50 or 60 feet of hedge and break up the ice dome forming on that for fear that the weight would take it down.  Day Three – melting finally on it’s way with fairly heavy rain.  Sloshy, mushy mess everywhere.  Next up, wind.  The fun never stops.  However, all of this enforced office time means lots of organizing time and design time.  Hope to start a new border design next week.  Nothing like the promise of spring and planting to divert your attention from worrying about all the containers we plant and maintain and all of our plants in our own gardens.  I do fully believe that if you lose a plant or plants it truly is an opportunity.  An opportunity to reassess, re-design, re-think.  Did you lose the plant because it was in the wrong place?  Lack of proper care?  Weather? (Which puts it in the OOYC category…Out Of Your Control).  Whatever the reason, you’ve got another chance to make it right, make it better.  As I said in the first entry (here) “life is a constant state of renewal.  Our gardens are constantly changing and we have to look forward to what they can become, not lament over what they weren’t.”  Or what went wrong.  We learn and we adapt.  And we buy cool new plants.  It’s a “shoppertunity”.  (Word mashing – taking two words and mashing them into one.  SNOWMAGEDDON.  SHOPPERTUNITY.  It’s kind of fun – try it!)

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