Have snow, won’t travel…

Well, what’s the saying?  If you don’t like the weather in the Pacific Northwest just wait a few minutes.  We have been on a roller coaster this week with snow, ice, rain, wind and now we are counting down to what the forecasters promise will be another “snowmageddon”.  As I look out my office window what started out as a serious hail storm has now transitioned to tiny snowflakes like powdered sugar being sifted from the sky.  Soft, incredible white sifting all over the garden.  Covering the flagstone path, covering the grass, covering the poppies that wanted to pop up early.  Just a week ago we were all smug and braggy about our mild winter and warm temps and lack of persistent gray and showers, which we are known for around here.  Ahh, we thought about maybe planting a few things a little early…heck, it’s going to be a mild winter.  It’s already January and nothin’s happened yet, right?  We’rrreeeee gooood.  HA!  Momma Nature just smacked us up side the head.  Tomorrow’s prediction?  Seven or eight inches of snow in the greater Seattle area.  Whhaaattt????

Of course, tomorrow is the local chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) BIG symposium.  Nine nationally known speakers…. all day talking about plants and design and sustainability…heaven….and I don’t know if I can risk it.  It’s 15 miles away.  In a city where people abandon their cars on the freeway and just walk away.  Where city buses slide off hills and never show up on their route and leave people stranded for hours.  Where nut jobs decide to sled down the city street WHILE cars are trying to negotiate their way up.  Where the local weatherpersons rub their hands together in glee and intentionally stir up drama and paranoia….cuz otherwise their job is pretty routine.  (“Rain today with rain tomorrow and a slight to likely chance of rain for the next…..month.”)  I have a big old Suburban with studded tires and 4-wheel drive.  I’m probably good.  What I don’t have is a megaphone to tell all the other dimwits driving little sports cars and bald tires that they have no business trying to negotiate that hill.  I don’t care if you live on that hill!  Get outta my way!  (Harsh…..might need to tone that down prior to posting this.)  Too late.  So, I might have to miss the symposium.  Which will make me really cranky.  I’ll keep you posted.

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